Feisol Traveler Tripod – Review

From my first tripod to the incredibly robust Feisol Traveler Tripod CT-3372, I’ve often found that sometimes it was a bit over the top. Do not get me wrong, if only I had a tripod, it’s the beast, but I often find that something smaller and easier is practical – especially in the number of trips I’ve had recently. This is where the Feisol CT-3442 comes into play.

Let me first say that this is not a paid advocacy, but Feisol has sent me this Tripod for an honest review.

I like to think of the CT-3442 as the cadet of the CT-3372. It’s lighter, shorter and thinner, but do not be fooled, it still applies!



Currently, Feisol CT-3442 is not available in Australia, but can be purchased in the US for $ 399. I would recommend to buy directly on feisol.net, but if you want, they are also available on bhphotovideo.com.

Some important specifications:

carbon fiber construction

25 kg load capacity

Total Weight – Total Weight 1.14 kg (2.51 lbs)

Maximum height of 140 cm (plus with optional center column)

Length 49cm folded (closed)

4 leg sections

Aesthetics and quality of construction

Like everything that comes from the Feisol range, you can expect outstanding design quality and design in tripod manufacturing. The Feisol CT-3442 is made almost entirely of carbon fiber and weighs 1.14 kg. This is easier than my Sony A7R + 16-35mm combo! Every bar, leg and lever handles perfectly and lasts as long as you wait.


One thing that I completely omitted in my previous article on Feisol was their easy cleaning. If you take photos outdoors, whether in mud, sand, salt water or volcanic ash, your tripod will not be shit, no matter what brand you take pictures of. What I like in the Feisol range is the ease with which this shit comes out. I dared, when I had my previous tripod, I will not mention her name here, but let’s just say that it rhymes with Banmotto. With Feisol, simply loosen the leg sections one at a time, and all you need is a good rinse (if necessary, you can use rinse soap if you then apply some kind of sea fat).

If you want to see how I clean my tripod, do not forget to check THIS release when you’re done here.

Functionality / Usability

Like the entire Feisol range, the CT-3442 uses the twist lock approach to extend Tripod Legs section. There are 4 leg sections in total, which in my opinion is the perfect compromise between stability and portability. Let me explain … The fewer Tripod Legs you have, the less likely it will be that the instrument bends or vibrates when fully deployed. However, the more legs you have on your tripod, the more foldable it is. 3 leg sections stand for strength and stability, 5 leg sections correspond to a very Compact Travel Tripod. The CT-3442 is in the middle!

Another feature of most Feisol tripods is the ability to rotate the legs 180 degrees from their original position. This is especially useful when traveling with a ball joint attached to the tripod. If you throw your legs over the head of the ball, you will save the extra height of the head (maybe 10 or 12 cm more, depending on the head).

The Feisol CT-3442 has 3 pre-set leg angles of 25, 50 and 75 degrees. This is handy if you need a bit more stability or if you need to lower the height of the tripod without having to play with the length of the leg sections.

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